Contact & Policies

Feel free to contact me (James) using -> this link <-

Here are a few terms & conditions set for Unknown Succulents.

1 - Succies shipped without pot/soil
The majority of succies are shipped without their pot/soil. This reduces the risk of rotting if too much moisture is within the soil.

2 - First Class can take up to 14 days in-transit
First Class is only available for packages under 16 ounces. Even though USPS advertises First Class being 1-3 days, in actuality some locations can push up to 14 days while in USPS' possession. The locations are not listed or predetermined. Unknown Succulents is not held liable for any "extended" length of in-transit.

3 - Shipping can be 7-14 days after order is placed
I work hard to ensure my personal lifestyle (work/family) is well balanced so there are many times I reach 7-14 days to ship an order after it is received.

4 - Potential plant damage while in transit
Succulents are fragile and actually do not like being in the dark and/or tossed around. Orders are packed with the most care and protection but the following can still occur while in possession of USPS: leaf loss, etiolation, droopiness, and/or physical damage. You agree to these risks and that Unknown Succulents is not held liable for live plants being damaged while not in their possession.

5 - No returns, alert issues ASAP
Not everything will go as planned so please address all concerns with me as soon as possible of placing and/or receiving your order. I do not issue returns to items physically received but I am willing to discuss your concerns and if compensation should or should not be issued.