Succie Raps

Yoooo what's good party people?! Are you into succies? Are you also into music? Well here we have the two combined for your hearing pleasure.

This actually started as a one off Instagram challenge by @lizzinator_succs as she randomly rhymed in a video and asked the succie community to follow suit. A handful of users participated but @succulentjoe, @issagreenthumb and myself have kept the challenge going on. It has been fun and I don't think it will officially end.

I have completed seven separate succie raps that can be found on my hashtag #SuccieRapsByUS and directly clicked on below. All entries from other users can be found on Instagram under #SuccyRapzChallenge.

Rap 01 - "Succies For The Low"

Rap 02 - "Joy To All"

Rap 03 - "Succie Care Go Hard"

Rap 04 - "Succie Respect"

Rap 05 - "Succie Sellin' Intro"

Rap 06 - "Watch What They Do"

Rap 07 - "Succie Land"

Rap 08 - "Succie Power Moves"

Rap 09 - "Succie Spring"

Rap 10 - "Succie Ten Piece"

Rap 11 - "Succie Block"

Rap 12 - "Succie Pride"

Rap 13 - "Succie List"

Rap 14 - "Succie Journal"

Rap 15 - "Succie West Coast"

Rap 16 - "Succie Emotions"

Rap 17 - "Succie Content"